Deciding to pack up our lives for a life of camping…

Admin work is easy but I don't get excited to go and do my job everyday. We just wake up, go to work, pay bills and wish we had more quality time with our kids. Sure I could aim for the stars and work my butt off to build an empire or I could take the time to enjoy to better things in life. A minimalist life seeing this beautiful country, enjoying time with my boy before he gets old enough to tell me he doesn't want to hang out with me!

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Waiting for the sun…

To be honest when I first set off in Oct I thought by heading clockwise I'd be south in summer and north in Winter. I'm still loving the adventure but to be honest it's been tough. When we first set off our first stop was Forster to visit Gran and it was rainy and about... Continue Reading →

Geelong to Lakes Entrance

After Glenrowan we headed further down to Geelong to help Bek celebrate turning 40. Birthday's mean a lot to her now as she defeated breast cancer. Instead of asking for gifts she asked her and friends and family to donate to Love Your Sister and she raised over $1000. The week after the party we... Continue Reading →

Star Struck

we watched Jeremy perform as Captain James Cook, a Convict, Banjo Patterson and many more. I was so impressed with the show and Jeremy was amazing.

The Virus…

When we first entered the cave I was a bit nervous because it was dark, cold and cramped.  The tour guide let me lead the group with the torch

The Hunter Valley

Then we moved onto the Hunter Valley. The first thing I noticed was the fields and fields of grapevines. When we arrived at The Convent I thought this place is so posh!

It’s all happening!

It's been hectic to say the least but it's all so close.  In the last month or two we have gone through the process of selling our home, packing up, moving in with my sister and squeezing all my belongings into her home which felt a bit like a huge game of tetris

It’s My Time!

I have been dreaming and planning our lap of Oz for over a year now.  I am very much looking forward to doing what I want in life and seeing Australia on my terms!

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