Deciding to pack up our lives for a life of camping…

Admin work is easy but I don't get excited to go and do my job everyday. We just wake up, go to work, pay bills and wish we had more quality time with our kids. Sure I could aim for the stars and work my butt off to build an empire or I could take the time to enjoy to better things in life. A minimalist life seeing this beautiful country, enjoying time with my boy before he gets old enough to tell me he doesn't want to hang out with me!

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Pros of living the van life

Having nothing that ties you down!  That freedom to say OK let's go to the next spot on the map or this place is awesome let's stay longer.  That little sense of freedom is so satisfying. When you're tied down in life by a mortgage,  power,  water,  car loans,  personal loans, work and school.  That little choice to do what you want is exhilarating!

A Reflection

It was amazing to see how my 11 year old boy stepped up to a young man. The discussions he had with people, the responsibility he took, the encouragement and support he gave me.  I had to remind myself sometimes he is 11 not 16!

I miss my family!

I miss my family a lot and sometimes I wish I could go home. Other times I love exploring, like at Sovereign Hill last week. Those times I really appreciate travelling

We’re back!

It's been a while since our last blog.  We have been busy making memories with cousins which we have loved so much. I was getting itchy feet again so it's time to get back on the road on route to Tasmania.

Nan Tien Temple

Yesterday we went to the largest buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere. When I looked at the huge, red, tiled temple I felt peace and happiness. We walked around in a peaceful courtyard that had inflatables in the yard. A big gong and a big bell that still gets used at the start and end... Continue Reading →

Eden to Mollymook

We've been to a few places since my last blog. After Eden we went to Bermagui. This little town was one of our favs. We hiked headlands, explored beaches, adventured rock pools. Mum loved that this place had a brewery onsite with live music. We would've stayed longer but the internet was terrible and Mum... Continue Reading →

Old Tom

This week we arrived in Eden. We went to a museum which was a memorial to a killer whale called Old Tom. Back in 1800s Eden was a little whaling town. It has a very rare story of orcas and humans working together. Old Tom was the leader of his pod and they would hunt... Continue Reading →


We arrived at Mallacoota and checked in to a cosy little park. After going for a drive we realised that there was a huge caravan park that wrapped around the headland. We learned that we should always do a drive around before picking our spot. When the sun came out we explored the beaches at... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the sun…

To be honest when I first set off in Oct I thought by heading clockwise I'd be south in summer and north in Winter. I'm still loving the adventure but to be honest it's been tough. When we first set off our first stop was Forster to visit Gran and it was rainy and about... Continue Reading →

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