The planning!

I have no doubt that the planning stage for a life on the road is the most important part. You know what they say “If you Fail to Plan you Plan to Fail”. The first part of my planning is cutting back on all unnecessary spending which meant saying goodbye to my much loved family at Vision Burleigh Heads, no more coffee’s (sorry Jo), no big nights, no eating out, basically no luxuries! But that’s ok it’s preparing us for a minimalist lifestyle.

Next big thing is re-financing my home which is in progress at the moment. The plan is to take some cash, rent my townhouse out fully furnished. That way there is no storage costs and my tenants are covering my mortgage, body corp, rates etc WINNER!

So then comes research on my transport. My goal is to never travel more than 5 hours in a day where possible. 5 hours is enough for both Harley and I in a car and that’s a lot of missed places in between. Plus you know what boys are like… there is a lot of “can you smell popcorn” in the car! I’d rather the clean fresh air!

I have been making a pros and cons list of travelling in a campervan, towing a cub camper or small Jayco pop up van.  My initial thoughts were:

  • If I buy a second hand campervan how much more life does it have? I could get to VIC and be up for repairs which will chew into my funds. If I need to go the shops quickly I have to pack up camp. Harley will also need some decent space to sit at a table to do his school work. A Toyota hi top hiace would work though. I’ve been looking into a company called Travellers Autobarn who seem to have good reviews.
  • Towing… never done it! But I have been following some Chicks Camping pages and lots of chicks are doing it!  I’m not sure how much Harley could help setting up a little cub camper so that might be difficult on my own. If you have a Cub Camper let me know your thoughts in the comments.
  • Towing a small van, this is what I’m leaning towards.  A little Jayco penguin pop up caravan. You can get older models now under $5k. This is something I can pop up myself and gives us sufficient space.

Another thing is distance education vs home schooling which I’ll talk about in another post.

It’s a lot to think about but I’m excited!

Larz xxx

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