Harley’s bucket list

The other day I told Harley that he should write all his thoughts down and I can use them in our blog. So off he goes and starts his “story” off with a sizzling start, he tells me it will draw in his readers. “Boof goes the luggage under the beds in the caravan” I kind of got the impression that he thinks I can’t tow a caravan very well. So apart from his concerning sizzling start the rest was pretty good.

I can imagine sitting in my camp chair gazing up at the stars and thinking about how lucky I am to be here. I can hear possums in the trees above us and the crackling of the fire. At the moment I only get to see my mum for about 2 hours a night, we are away from our house for 11 hours a day. I do like playing with friends at school but there is bullies, teachers and lots of darn rules. It’s hard to sit still and be quite but when we are traveling I will be having lots of big adventures with just a little bit of school work and I will be with my mum.

Harley’s top 10 bucket list

  1. Go Lizard hunting
  2. Go fossicking for gems and dinosaur bones
  3. Learn about the stars
  4. Climb through caves
  5. Cooee off a mountain top
  6. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Ride a Steam Train in TAS
  8. Cross a desert
  9. See Uluru
  10. Swim with a whale shark

I see Harley has his top 10 in order and lizard hunting was the first thing on his list!

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