Perfect for Mother’s Day

Another of Harley’s thoughts which were perfect for Mother’s Day this weekend.  Harley was very quiet last night, he was obviously deep in thought.  I offered him a penny for his thoughts and our conversation went a bit like this.

Harley “I can’t wait for traveling because I get my Mum.  I’ll miss my friends though”

Me “We’re not going for ever, we’ll be coming back and you can also face-time them”

Harley “Thanks for keeping me”

Me “What do you mean?”

Harley “Well it must have been hard to decide if you could raise a child all on your own”

Me “Yeah it was but I decided that I’m a big girl and I can do this”

Harley “Do all parents have to go through that?”

Me “Well some people plan to have a baby and are fully prepared and others get a surprise”

Harley “Well I’m glad you got me as your surprise and I’m glad you made the choice to keep me. Thank you for everything you do for me… I love you”


It’s times like this that make me realise that jobs are very much important at certain times of your life.  Once you have kids though your priorities change. Over the last Christmas break I was listening to Tony Robbins, dreaming big, I had big goals and big plans.  I wanted to just be the best Office Manager and kick things up a notch.  Marketing, growth, help drive the business to be awesome.  Then I realised that this all comes with dedication, time and commitment! All of which I should be giving to Harley (not to mention the stress that Harley would be bearing the brunt of). I only have a few good years with my boy before he is a teen and would much prefer to be off hanging with his mates.  The good years are NOW and I need to make the most of it! ❤

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