The Daily Grind

The waiting game is hard, doing the daily grind while every thought is consumed by the dream of taking a year off for adventuring & exploring doing the lap of Oz. Let’s call it the Gap Lap! Every morning when that alarm goes off at 5:30am, every day when you walk into work sit at your desk in awkward silence and all you can hear is the tap tap tapping of the keyboards.  They’re doing their job and that’s great but it’s also a bit like torture especially for someone like me that gets annoyed by repeated sounds or someone eating!  I’m also an extrovert so I’ll try to make some funny or inappropriate jokes to crack the ice…. nothing…. So I’m kind of forced to be quiet and not so bubbly which is really hard.  I’m not even going to mention the traffic! Actually I am…

You know when you want a new car and then all of a sudden you can find everything that is wrong with your car instead of everything that is right. Like that damn glove box that keeps falling open, or that noisy window that sounds like it’s about to die, or that stupid fuel gauge that keeps getting stuck. Well now that I want to go traveling everything is wrong with my daily grind especially the bloody M1.   What is normally a quick 20 mins up the highway to Carrara, I’ve got 1 hour each way of crawling traffic on a good day!  It very much resembles getting stuck behind a heard of sheep on a country dirt road.  To be honest I think I’d prefer the sheep, I think there would be a lot less road rage.  Unfortunately all the locals that know the shortcuts think they can pull a swifty and head down some services roads… ALL of the locals! So here we are doing 5km stop-start on a side road instead of doing 5kms stop-start on the M1.  On a bad day, like yesterday it took me almost 2 hours from work to home.

It’s time to get Savvy and find a job I can do from home or from anywhere in the country so I don’t have to deal with the awkward office environment, the sheep run and being able to spend more time with Harley instead of getting home giving him dinner and getting him ready for bed.

All I can think about now is escaping this daily grind and having a little bit of freedom even if it will only be for 12 months or so.  On the upside my property valuation came in high so I have a head start! Watch this space.

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