Hurdle No 1 – The Dodgy Broker

I’m not letting this deter me at all but I thought I’d share my experience. I started working with my broker in Feb this year and have had to hound him a lot to find out where things are at. Finance is so emotional, people generally have plans, deadlines, vehicles waiting to be picked up so you have to be on the ball all the time. 

As you can imagine I was getting frustrated every month that ticked over I was providing more up to date info to the broker. You know those things that play on your mind and wake you at 4am and you can’t get back to sleep…. like a bloody mosquito that just annoys the shit out of you. Every morning going into work to find I don’t have an update and we’re about to go into June! 

So that’s it I’m done… they can stick their finance and i’ll move onto another. It’s made me realise that familiarity definitley does breed contempt. It’s also made me aware of how you should NEVER treat clients. You simply can’t ignore them until they move on. As angry and upset as I was this evening…

 I may have shed a tear but I didn’t let it beat me, this is just a hurdle. It’s time to reflect, re-assess and keep going! My date may be delayed, my trip may be shortened but it will still happen.


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