Never say Never!

My last post was about my dodgy broker, the one that promised me things that he could never deliver on.  I was very devastated at the outcome which was that there was not enough equity to head off on our trip. I’m not sure if re-financing is supposed to be easy but it’s definitely not my cup of tea and I hope I don’t have to go through all that again anytime soon.

So where are we at with our plans? I’m not going to give up that is for sure! Harley still tells everyone that asks that we are leaving in Oct this year. When I tell him it’s going to be a while away, for a little boy Oct is ages away.  The next step of my plan is to create work for myself that I can do from anywhere, a short camping trip away or a long term trip.  I have created my own business called Savvy Virtual Admin Services offering personal assistant services to businesses remotely.  With advances in technology and cloud based software the tasks are endless and a lot of people are working remotely.   I have snagged my first client which is a plumbing company.  I assist them by monitoring their emails, make calls & diary management which connects to their app on site.

My goal is now get a few more clients on board and develop these business relationships and be able to provide excellent service.  Next step will be to shop around for a caravan and have that there ready to go and maybe use it on a few little trips in the lead up. Then the reward will be in sight.

Over the next few months i’ll be sharing some beautiful pics and stories of places I have already visited along the east coast.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂


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