Everyone has different goals

I am in a lot of different travel groups on facebook, single travellers, traveling families, nomads etc. I also follow a lot of bloggers doing their lap. One things that pops up quite often is the older generation that are  now enjoying retirement.  Some of them have health issues that are becoming an issue on the road and lots of them say I wish I travelled when I was younger or I wish I had taken my kids on a lap around Australia. Everyones life goals are different, some people are career driven right now, building businesses, some are saving for the first home, some are starting a family.

I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by the lovely ladies at Live Inpire Lead on the weekend and listened to the inspirational Turia Pitt.  Now she did say that she doesn’t like the fact that she is now well known because she was burnt in a fire but she now has the opportunity to share her story of strength and determination with the world.  It did make me realise that your life can change in a split second. On that horrible day she had her head down and her earphones in watching her feet pound the red dirt totally oblivious of what she was running towards. When she started out on that marathon she wasn’t to know that by the end of that day her life would change forever.

So what I want to share with you is that if you have ever thought of doing something whether it’s a particular career that you have always dreamt of or to travel, you need to make it happen for yourself. No one else can do it for you. Turia had to learn to walk again and only she could do it. She had a team that backed her every step of the way but she had to do all the tough stuff. She had to endure the emotional rollacoaster of her recovery.

If you work in retail and have always wanted to be a lawyer, take one step today towards your goal, read a book or do a workshop. Do one thing today that will make you feel good. Do one thing today that will make someone else feel good… give someone a compliment. If you improve your situation by 1% each day, in one year you will have improved by 365%! As Turia said, always look at how far you’ve come, if you didn’t quite get there today that’s ok.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Retirement is not guaranteed and your life can change at any moment.

So the other thing that pops up on my facebook groups is “just do it!” take the leap! I did… two months ago I was only thinking about having my own business and last week I took the leap, I handed my office keys back and that night I picked up another client and a few prospectives in the wings.  I couldn’t be happier! I now have the hard yards ahead of me to nuture and develop my business relationships with clients but I’m doing what I want to do, I’m building a life for myself and doing what makes me happy and this makes my family happy.

It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years!

#makeithappen #pursueyourpassion #livethelifeyoulove

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