Back on Track!

There is nothing like a brand new lustful relationship to totally hijack your every thought. Although my travel dreams were always there. We dreamt together, designed a camper that would work for the three of us while towing a boat. Travel never left my mind although my priorities changed a little. I was a bit like a kid in candy shop! Just lovin’ everything around me and over the moon.

So as it turns out it wasn’t meant to be and as shit as that is, It’s OK! And no I’m not going to be a cat lady! I hate cats. So they say the storm will pass. I’m back on track focusing on MY VA business, MY travel dreams, MY health and my one true love…. My Son!

As Will Smith quoted today “set your life on fire and seek out those who fan your flames. The people you spend time with will either make or break you. Not everyone deserves to be around you. So are the people around you feeding your flames or pissin’ on it. The pre-requisite for spending time with anyone is that they nourish and inspire you”

“Never regret a day in your life:good days give happiness,bad days give experience,worst days give lessons and best days give memories” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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