Let’s go!!!

There are always going to be things along your journey that throw a spanner in the works. Things don’t always go to plan. 12 months ago I went to an event called Pursue your Passion. I listened to a great story by author Tim Baker. His story about how he packed up his house and rented it out to travel with his family. I was so stuck in my life and my career at the time and his story really resonated with me.

The following months I brain stormed with my family about what work I could do on the road for a bit of income, which transformed into my current business which is virtual admin services. I can work from anywhere as long as I have internet service.

The thought of selling my little home wasn’t on the radar. It’s tough to get into the market and I’d want something to come home too. I was just going to buy a cheap little van and hit the road. Although my current thoughts are that these are just things! The benefits of travelling and making memories with my son far out way this “stuff”. Let’s be honest the Gold Coast is getting hectic AF and I’m not entirely sure that I’ll settle back here when I’m done travelling. I think the thought of having a nice block in the country with a few dirt bikes and somewhere to fish is far more appealing!

My beautiful sister has always been my BFF and was born with Spina Bifida. She is now 38 and struggling again with this condition and looking for answers while she struggles to walk. Which just hit home again for me that life can change at any moment and you can be left regretting the things you hesitated doing.

I’ve been following some travelling families such as Trip in a Van and The Great Escape and I need to scratch the itch… They have been on the road with kids for years and have never looked back. Simplifying their lives and hitting the road has brought them together and made them appreciate the little things in life. One family lives a bit more luxurious in a beautiful van with an ensuite and washing machine and the other in a camper. So the new plan is so sell everything I own and live the life I want. I have given myself 6 months. So you can all hold me accountable now! Let’s go!!!

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