Home Ed vs Distance Ed

This topic is something that comes up in forums and facebook groups almost weekly. Were do we start? What do we do? Each option works perfectly fine for different families situations. Are great page to follow is http://www.homeschoolingdownunder.com

So what were the options:

Distance Education

Distance education follows the curriculum and your child is regarded as enrolled in a school. Your school will send you parcels to your nearest post office along with online content for your child to complete and sent back to the school within a specified time frame. If you are travelling you will need to advise your school where you will be within the next few weeks to receive your next parcel. This can be restricting if you are looking to move on to your next destination and you have to wait for your parcel. If you decide you might like to stay at one place for work purposes for longer than six weeks, you will need to enrol your child in your nearest local school. I have seen other travelling families who do struggle with the amount of work that is required with Distance Ed and the curriculum. On the same note I have been told that the older kids can bust the work out really fast if they are focused which allows more time for adventures. Some families seem to go with the Distance Ed as they feel that they need to be a teacher to do home education. The thought of preparing education programs is daunting although I will admit it’s not as hard as you first anticipate. Distance education can also be expensive as everything is prepared for you.

Home Education

QLD Home Ed does not follow the curriculum. WA, NSW, SA and NT are the only states were home ed is linked to the curriculum. You as the parent agree to provide your child with good quality education. Each state does have different regulations in relation to education within the home vs on the road. You can call the Home Ed unit to find out the legislation for your state. Home Ed does not mean you have to replicate what is in the classroom. There are plenty of education sites out there to assist in your child’s education. When sending in your child’s education program you mention your short term education goal for the upcoming year and your long term education goals. Address each subject and what your plans are for that topic, how your child will learn & what resources you will use and how you will assess your child’s progress. Home Ed is free to enrol in QLD (check with your state regulations).

When making our decision and brainstorming with family we took into consideration all of the above and got lots of information from websites. We found the QCAA.qld.edu.au the most useful when looking for ideas and templates for grade 5. Make great use of local libraries, information centres, tour guides etc

We are taking this term as a trial & adjustment period to see how we get on with Home Ed before we hit the road.

Some examples of assignments on the road:

  • Create a little ecosystem (Terrarium). Research photosynthesis, water cycles, rain, evaporation, condensation.
  • Fossils – Research, exploring palaeontology at Longreach/Winton or History of mining towns and panning for gold & gems.
  • Adaptations – learning about animals in their environment, climate and how they survive e.g behaviours, fight or flight response, camouflage & reproduction etc.
  • Marine Science – The Great Barrier Reef and Global Warming.
  • Aboriginal culture, language & tribes, dreamtime stories, bush tucker, sacred sites, didgeridoo & clapping sticks, traditional dances and art (excursions to caves & tours by elders).
  • Learning photography and videography for Art.
  • What better way to study the Stars!!!
  • A travel journal is a great way for your child to continue to work on their creative writing, grammar & spelling.

Some great websites to help with your child’s education program together with purchased workbooks and other resources:






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