Early days of Home Ed

Harley is now officially being home schooled and it’s going great. We haven’t killed each other and he doesn’t hate me yet!!! We have found some great resources and he is so willing to learn which is a relief. I found when Harley was at school I’d have to prompt him to see how his day was although he still would not share much. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how excited he gets by topics he is interested in and watch him learn.

There are many styles of home schooling although one that we are finding that is working well is unit based studies. We are currently learning about the solar system for science and as part of that topic comes reading, writing, comprehension and we have also included maths by calculating weight on each planet.

Another topic we have going is for obvious reasons Australia! Geography, History, Reading, Writing, Culture and Maths.

At this stage Harley does not miss school and is much happier. He is not woken up and rushed out the door in the mornings… Everyone hates an alarm right? I’m not onto him as teachers are to sit up straight, be quiet, stop fidgeting, leave the room until you can sit still! I watch him fidget but he is still thinking and gets every maths question correct. He has my undivided attention to help him with his questions.

Our daily routine is much more relaxed and stress free which is a great change from the cranky mum from 12 months ago. The cranky Mum rushing in the morning to get out the door by 7am or having a poor kid looking forward to spending time with his Mum after a long day only to say “what happened at work today you seem so cranky”

Life is good and is about to get so much better when we can explore!

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