It’s My Time!

Over the past couple of weeks I have become much more aware of who I am as an individual and some of my personality traits. I have always put others before myself in many ways. I’ve said yes to do things or go places I actually don’t want to do. I pretend to agree with people to avoid heavy conversations. I’ve lied for other people which comes back to bite me. I’ve spent money on others that sent me broke because I found it hard to say no and I’ve allowed myself to be used by others. I probably be way to nice to people that have hurt me because I find it really hard to NOT be nice to people…. Which I guess isn’t a bad trait.

So now I’m putting myself, my son and my dreams for us first and foremost. I know people will try to talk me out of it, influence my decisions or tell me horror stories like those ladies that think it’s OK to share their horror pregnancy stories when your about to give birth.

So I’m gonna be strong and learn to be assertive. I won’t let people guilt me into things. I will say “actually I don’t want to do that”. I don’t have to give a reason because I’m allowed to say no… And I am allowed to be selfish.

I have been dreaming and planning our lap of Oz for over a year now. I am very much looking forward to doing what I want in life and seeing Australia on my terms!

It’s My Time!


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