It’s all happening!

I feel like it’s been a while since I put all my thoughts in writing.  It’s been hectic to say the least but it’s all so close.  In the last month or two we have gone through the process of selling our home, packing up, moving in with my sister and squeezing all my belongings into her home which felt a bit like a huge game of tetris.  I still have no idea where anything is!

I have been supporting my sister with her kids while she is suffering from a back injury.  So I have gone from being a parent of one child to four children whilst still managing to be a virtual assistant to three businesses, a home ed teacher & a house keeper! holy crap!

In amongst all of that I found a day to go out window shopping for a caravan with just the intention of browsing, getting an idea of layouts, prices, advice etc. But you know what they say… when you know, you just know.  So this little Coromal caravan was perfect for Harley and I and in excellent condition.  I could have gone away to think about it but after seeing a few others around I knew I wasn’t going to get anything in the same condition.  So Dad did some haggling for me because I suck at that.  I even tried to seal the deal too early as Dad was still waiting on them to commit to installing a new water pump but a carton of beer fixed that!

There is one thing that stood out to me over the last few weeks. After telling my agent, conveyancer, people at the pub, random door knockers, a guy selling a car I was looking at… they all say “you’re so lucky” but I don’t consider myself lucky. Anyone can do what I am doing!  For a long time I said “I can’t afford it” “How will I fund it” “what about Harley’s schooling” “I can’t do that on my own” and I’m sure everyone goes through those exact same thoughts before they take the leap.  I just committed to my dream, set small goals and made it happen.  Sure I had set backs but I just took a different track but the destination was still the same. There are hundreds of families on the road these days. As I said to my niece just last night, there are heaps of things that scare me but the difference is that I’m not letting fear stop me experiencing something amazing with my son.

I will be giving you all some hints and tips on what I have experienced during this process soon so maybe it will inspire you to do the same!


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