We’re back!

It’s been a while since our last blog. We have been busy making memories with cousins which we have loved so much. I was getting itchy feet again so it’s time to get back on the road on route to Tasmania.

I’m very excited about visiting Tasmania, it’s one state that I’ve been looking forward to since my dreaming started. The mountains, rainforest, cliffs, crystal clear waters and history! And to top it off I’m teeing up a few besties to fly down and explore with me! Bring it on!

We are at Lake Hume at the moment which is just out of Albury. The last few days we have been heading out early and back in our air con before midday. I’ve tried to explain to Harley that we can’t hide from the elements because it’s too hot, too cold, too windy or raining. This is the journey we chose and it’s not always rainbows but I can guarantee that it is better than working in an office 9-5 or in a classroom hating each day as it passes.

One thing I will do is tell it like it is. I have noticed a lot of travelling families will post “throw backs” to something epic if they are in crappy weather. It gives that false impression that it’s always perfect weather. I won’t do that, if it’s crap I’ll tell ya!

We pulled up here the other day and Harley got straight into unhooking the van and our neighbour commented on how he knew what he was doing. The next day the whole family sat in the air-con of the car while the dad packed up in the heat. He tried so hard to get his son to help and even told his whinging son not to embarrass him in front of us. At one stage the Dad literally got stuck and yelled for help three times. I jumped up and moved quicker than his wife.

Harley has been quite aware of how most kids we see don’t seem to help, are on their phones, lazy or not paying attention. I make sure I tell Harley how grateful I am that I have him. When we are out and about he still thanks me for taking him travelling which gives me that warm fuzzy feeling that I did do the right thing for us. I was starting to doubt it before Xmas.



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