Pros of living the van life

I have been talking to a lot of people lately that tell me they would love to do what I do. Some tell me that they hate the 9-5 grind, shift work gives them variety in their day to day. One friend reminded me that I’ve owned my own home, I had to work hard to pay everything that came with that home on one wage and that didn’t leave much living. I would’ve been stuck in that miserable daily grind for decades just so I didn’t have a mortgage when I retire… and I get that, that is important but that’s not a life I want to live right now either. I want to live my best life now.

Now all of a sudden I have a lot of friends turning to the van life. Living in a caravan doesn’t have the same stigma it used too. Here are some things I love about caravanning and not being tied down by bills.

  1. Waking up somewhere new all the time! Whether it’s driving interstate to visit friends and family, the fog in the mountains or falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.
  2. Living the simple life! A decluttered, minimalist life. Getting rid of “stuff” was almost a cleanse. Owning less stuff is much less stressful.
  3. Less cleaning! Means more time for exploring or chillin with a wine. I found when I was working in an office 5 days I’d spend my weekends cleaning, washing, grocery shopping with a little bit of fun on the side. Now it’s reversed.
  4. Having nothing that ties you down! That freedom to say OK let’s go to the next spot on the map or this place is awesome let’s stay longer. That little sense of freedom is so satisfying. When you’re tied down in life by a mortgage, power, water, car loans, personal loans, work and school. That little choice to do what you want is exhilarating!
  5. Love the life you live!

We are parked up for now. Harley is starting school (yay) but this school is happy to support us with work if we go away again. So we have two, one month trips up our sleeve this year that we are about to plan and get excited for.

It all comes down to choices and planning.

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